Payroll Check Processing
  Accurate and on time delivery
Pay as you go Workers' Compensation
  A Service offered with over ten different insurance companies. Workers' Comp is calculated every pay period on actual payroll. The premium is then collected from the client and paid to their insurance carrier.
Tax Service
  CompUS collects, from the client, State Unemployment (SUTA), Federal Unemployment (FUTA), and 941 Taxes (FICA & FEDW/H) per pay period and forwards the funds to the appropriate tax agency. CompUS also produces, files and sends a copy to the client of all quarterly returns.
Direct Deposit
  CompUS can electronically deposit employees net checks in to an unlimited amount of bank accounts. The funds are electronically deposited into employee's bank accounts on the check date.
Laser Check Signing
  CompUS can imprint a signature on employees paychecks. The paychecks can then be stuffed into window envelopes for easy distribution.
Customized Reports
  CompUS offers a wide selection of standard reports but can also generate reports to specific clients' needs. Some reports that CompUS currently generates are Job Costing, Monthly Totals and Electronic Reports. Job Costing Reports are mostly utilized by the construction industry to do Labor Distribution. Accountants, mostly, utilize the Monthly Totals Reports for simplified entry information. Clients wanting to import the information into their current accounting programs utilize the Electronic Report.
New Hire Reporting

Effective October 1, 1998, ALL employers are required to notify their State Department of Revenue when they hire (or re-hire) any employees. This report is required within twenty days from teh first day the new (or re-hired) employee returns to work. CompUS files a report per pay period keeping the employer compliant to this requirement.


PC/Web Options provides your company with instant secure access to payroll entry and information via your own PC or anyplace that you can access the Internet. Your company also has access to many of the standard reports that meet your specific business needs. Another feature of is the ability to review your payroll information prior to submitting it, which ensures accuracy and savings for you. can also allow you to assign your employees a secure password to review their own information such as viewing their check stubs and Year-To-Date wages.