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Millennium is an integrated payroll and human resource software program that is designed to be the most flexible on the market. Millennium provides all the functionality of the most expensive in-house payroll and human resource system at a fraction of the cost. The benefits are endless, but here are just some of Millennium’s unique features and benefits: Easy to use and navigate, full audit log, fully integrated service bureau general ledger, universal time import, paycheck setup, customization, secure any piece of data in any way, use crystal reports to design and build custom reports, report configuration, and automated new hire reporting, etc…  
Click here to view PowerPoint on payentry™ is a web-based payroll and human resource management interface that makes payroll and HR as easy as 1-2-3. The new employee self service (ESS) feature allows greater and easier navigation capabilities. The new ESS also allows the user to customize his/her homepage to meet their preferences. Security is never a problem because™ uses a 128 bit SSL encryption and no additional software is needed. The best feature of™ is that it is available anytime and anywhere for your use.